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How We Work / Friday, January 26th, 2018

A complete interior designing  Step by Step process started to end !!

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Step 1: Phone Call Schedule Appointment

This is typically the first contact. We offer a 10 minute complimentary phone discussion to understand your project needs. If there is mutual interest,accordingly  we will send our Professional team at your site.

Step 2: Site Measurements& Meet

Meet & Agreemeet and agree

We use this time to meet on  your site (if possible) with you to discuss your project, goals, priorities and needs for the space. We also use this time to clarify your budget and to discuss our home interior packages as per your budget as well as we provide customized


Electronic Site Measurements

Electronic Site Measurements

We Used Electronic Measurements of every room to inches result in better utilization of spatial opportunities. Helps maintain consistency and precision while carpentering.

Step 3: QuotationEstimate -Quotation

 Estimate -Quotation

We will take detailed measurements and photographs and Layout of all the spaces involved in your project

We understand your functional needs, tastes/preferences, likes, dislikes, personal style and lifestyle.

We will provide you roughly quotation, if you are requirement is meet with our quotation. Then next step we Sign the Proper Agreement.


Step 3: The Go-Ahead

Once you decide that we are the right design firm for you, we will provide you Payment Schedule and we will need to formalize our engagement. This will require a letter of agreement to be signed, along with the 1st payment Part as per the payment Schedule.


Step 4: Layout/Space Planning/3D Views

It is important to have a well-designed layout – it affects functionality, flow and space utilization of the area. Based on the measurements taken, and considering your requirements, you will be presented options for the layout of items for your space.

Once a decision is made on the final layout approval of the design concept, the next steps involve its planning and execution.


Execution as Per Plan & Design



Image result for new house handover keys

The final handover of project to you after all interior works are completed duly as per our design and standards. We always expect a testimonial for the services rendered.


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